An effective remedy for toenail fungus

According to recent research, it has been revealed that every third inhabitant of the earth is infected with nail fungus in one form or another. At the same time, half a century ago, fungal infections were not so common. This is explained mainly by the high population density, as pathogens run in swimming pools, dressing rooms and other public places.

Due to the occurrence of this disease, a large number of cures for it have long been discovered. The drugs are classified into three main groups. Folk recipes also stand out. Let’s consider the various options in more detail and try to find out if there is a better cure for toenail fungus.

Effective pharmaceutical products

Therapy against toenail fungus can be done with the help of sprays and smears with paste, and with the intake of antimycotic tablets with capsules. Modern pharmacology offers a wide variety of substances of both groups. In terms of their effectiveness, they differ in their effect on pathogens. Some will have a better effect on the yeast, while others will better deal with the fungus. There are also universal effective remedies for nail fungus, however, quality treatment is not possible without understanding a clear diagnosis.

toenail fungus tablets

Azole Group

The therapeutic complex of this group has a double effect on parasitic organisms:

  1. They interfere with the reproductive activity of microorganisms by destroying their spores.
  2. These antifungal drugs for nails affect the cell structure of the parasite, dissolving the cell membrane, causing its death.

Similar drugs against fungi can be produced in any form: tablets, capsules, in the form of suspensions, ointments and gels. Azole drugs are best for treating yeast and fungal infections.

Each drug has its own analogue. In general, the substances of this group are quite widespread, and it is not difficult to buy them in pharmacies.

Morphine group

A distinctive feature of such formulations is the presence of amorolfine, as the main active ingredient. Its effect leads to disruption of intracellular processes in fungal spores, therefore, the parasitic form stops reproducing, and eventually dies.

remedy for nail fungus

Allylamine group

The hallmark of drugs in this group is the removal of annoying nail fungus symptoms: itching, burning and peeling of the skin. It is used only when the fungal infection only affects parts of the plate, without affecting the internal tissues. A large number of these medications are local ingredients, so these medications are most often prescribed in the early stages, where you can do treatment without pills.

The best effect of allylamine preparations is achieved against candida, dermatophytes and fungi. Gels and tablets from foot fungus and nail tissue destroy the cellular structure of this parasite rapidly.

How to choose the best medicine

All groups of drugs listed for fungus can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, but this cannot be done. The fact is that it is possible to cure a fungus effectively only by knowing a particular type of pathogen, and the patient cannot determine it for himself. Therefore, the best option is to immediately seek medical help and undergo diagnostics.

see a doctor for nail fungus

The negative consequences of incorrect diagnosis and violations during treatment can be expressed as follows:

  1. Usually, with onychomycosis, the course of treatment lasts from one to several months. In severe form, it can take years to get rid of the fungus. Treatment during this period with the wrong medication will not bring positive results, it requires a lot of time and money.
  2. If, in the process of self -treatment, effective pills for nail fungus and medicinal ointments are constantly changed, then instead of a positive effect, the parasite, on the contrary, will acquire immunity to the substance, and will only increase.
  3. After undergoing interrupted therapy, the symptoms of the infection usually recur and the disease worsens, although recently it seems that the medication is helping.

These key factors determine the need to contact a dermatologist or mycologist in order for the doctor to prescribe effective treatment for onychomycosis.

Effective folk remedies

In addition to medications, it is possible to treat toenail fungus with folk remedies. However, it is still better to trust the experts, because:

  • the concentration of active ingredients in medicines is always higher than the home method;
  • pharmacological preparations for the treatment of infections are specially adapted to maximize the effect on pathogenic organisms;
  • nail fungus treatment with vinegar, iodine, tar and other substances can cause skin irritation and other related complications.

In general, traditional medicine recipes are best used as an adjunct treatment for infections on the toenails. Which is better depends on the pathogen, but some of the most common can be distinguished, the action of which is quite effective.

The usual method is kombucha treatment. It is an effective remedy against nail fungus. At the same time, some popular recipes:

  1. You can take a two -month tincture of tea organism and boil it. Then the liquid is brought to room temperature. Before bed, cotton wool soaked in this tincture is rubbed on the infected nail. The bandage is removed in the morning. The softened nail area is shortened with scissors and sanded with a file. Then the procedure is repeated again.
  2. There are other ways to use the mushroom itself. A small amount of it is ground into a puree and spread on infected nails. The procedure is repeated 2-3 approaches daily. This method precedes the evaluation of methods for using kombucha.
kombucha for nail fungus treatment

Popular folk remedies based on vinegar. You can take a bath with this material, and raise the legs. But before the procedure, you must prepare the nails:

  • it needs to be sanded with a file;
  • cutting edges destroyed by fungi;
  • softened in hot water.

When using this method, it is important to ensure that the concentration of vinegar in the bath is not high. Otherwise, skin irritation may occur. The feet may also burn.

And before bed, be sure to wash your feet, wear socks soaked in vinegar. In an acidic environment, the spores of microorganisms will die, which will significantly slow down the spread of the disease.

There are also some traditional medicine recipes based on natural birch tar:

  1. You can smear the affected nail plate with tar soap.
  2. Other options involve the use of liquid materials.
  3. Regular scar soap is used at night, making bandages or sticking nails with plaster. After a few months, this will allow you to forget about the fungus.

Alternative methods of treatment of pathology on the nails are universal. However, to improve the outcome of therapy, it is better to negotiate its use with the attending physician. Only an expert can tell you the best way to treat nail fungus.

There are many medications available to treat nail fungus. They differ in the form of release, type of active ingredient, cost and duration of therapy. The best cure for toenail fungus is very difficult to find, as each of these types varies in being effective against certain fungal infection pathogens. Therefore, it is best to entrust treatment options to a specialist.