Experience of use Fungalor Premium Plus

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Experience using Fungalor Premium Plus by Anna from Cologne

My name is Anna, I am 39 years old. I would like to tell you about my experience using Fungalor Premium Plus cream. I have long been looking for a quality cream that will help me overcome mycosis. A friend told me about it. Since the cream has its own characteristics, my friends advised me how to use it properly, and how many times a day.

How to use the tool

There is nothing complicated in the application. The method of use is explained in detail in the instructions. However, according to my observations, the effect becomes stronger if applied 3 times a day. These opportunities don’t always come up, but I try to stick to my regime. It is also important not only to spread the cream on the skin, but to spread it in a circular massaging motion. This is especially important in places of strong mycotic lesions. After drying, you can wear warm socks. The procedure must be performed daily, because the effect of the cream is cumulative.

Cream photo, experience using Fungalor Premium Plus

First week

In the first week of use, I already noticed the effect of the cream on myself. At first, it seems that the cream does not bring a gram of benefit. How wrong I am! After a few days, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Redness disappears, skin stops peeling, odor disappears, skin becomes healthier.

Second week

After a week, the effect is even greater. The cream shows its best side. The skin becomes lighter, healthier, and most importantly, the itching disappears completely.

The effect of a month of use

4 weeks after I started using the cream, my skin changed. Mycosis is gone.

I highly recommend Fungalor Premium Plus cream to my friends, as well as to everyone who suffers from foot sores on the fungus. This is the best tool for your money.